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The name of Cousteau is diving and underwater detection and the pure simple name itself lends credibility and value of things, pay attention to it. Before we select some diving Replica Watches here, like orange boxes Jean Michel and his son to wear. Although the family and love Association, there are a lot of Cousteau’s wrist other brands over the years – OMEGA, Blancpain, water star, of course, Rolex. On September 30th, Antiquorum will be included in the important clock auction Cousteau Fake Rolex it is a watch, even without its original owner home is important. This is a sea of 1967 residents, reference 1665, is by the late Cousteau wear. Let’s see, see the man.

Pierre Kustom’s two sons Yves Jacques had with his first wife Simon young. Philip learned to dive like a little boy, his father taught him only a few years ago pioneered scuba. Philip was destined to be water from the beginning when he grew up, he took his father’s Rolex replica UK exploration of the world a greater role, from the Red Sea to the north, as a skilled diver and director.

In fact, it was Philip who would become his father’s successor and the heritage of the adventure movie view, in order to investigate than his elder brother, a more active role, let Michel, in 60 and 70 in the. He very like Rolex Replica and the continental shelf seabed habitats of his father’s projects in the early 60’s experience LED as sea lab plan America naval advisor, he chose a diver will live and work in the SEALAB III 1969. However, the task will never come to a diver died habitat deployed in 610 feet of water off the coast of California.

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Although cannot say for sure, it may be Cousteau’s undersea habitat and undersea laboratory, LED the acquisition of his early reference 1665 Rolex sea residents contact. While in the marine origin of the official story of residents mentioned in cooperation with the French diving company Replica Rolex Watches, at the bottom of the sea in the lab, Robert Barth his conversation, he told us, gas release valve, R resistance PI Ce De watch may have been proposed by Rolex after his numerous submarine suddenly their crystals I and II in the decompression process undersea laboratory.

No matter what the situation, first sea dweller appeared in 1967, basic and helium release valve submarines and increase water resistance value. Presumably, the first batch of replica watches to the commercial diver and the diver detection hyperbaric diving habitats like an undersea laboratory.

Philip Kusto sea residents are 1967, the first time in generating. As the old Rolex Replica Watches fans know, first sea Red Sea residents only text name, called “single red” variety, of which only six are thought to be present. But the sequence number pair of the red version of Cousteau’s very close to where the first prototype production date. The bottom cover marked “iv.67” is the meaning of the establishment in the fourth quarter of this year, numbers for 1602920 place, it may be produced between the first sea dweller. This vintage watches can in their own right is important. In fact, it is more so owned by Philip Kusto.

Though Cousteau never had the opportunity to test his marine residents in the undersea laboratory, it is not just the drawer queen. Countless photos show the watch on his wrist from the late 60’s to the late ’70s, sailing ship, flying his plane and diving expedition. Unfortunately, Cousteau died a tragic death accident in Portugal 1979 water. In a year before his death, he gave a friend, his old sea dweller family Thomas Horton, who then passed it on to his son, Andrew, finally let the Antiquorum auction. The Swiss Rolex Watch will sell some of Cousteau wearing a watch picture, a letter from Andrew Horton and Cousteau Memorial t-shirt.

For the auction of the initial estimated at $100000 and $150000. In view of its importance and the source, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it go than.

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