Perfect His & Her Cartier Santos 100 Replica Watches UK

In 1904, when Louis Cartier designed a fake watch for his pilot friend Alberto Santos Dumont, he basically laid the foundation for one of Cartier’s iconic watches. For many years, Cartier Replica has provided Santos with countless gender differences. Today, we are looking for a matching set of Cartier Santos 100 watches – the perfect gift for couples of watch hobbies!

Cartier Santos 100 Replica

One Hundred Years Of Copy Cartier Santos

The premise of the first Santos watch is simple; the watch does not need to handle the bulky pocket watch during the flight but allows the pilot to glance at the wrist only when necessary, allowing the hands to turn freely. Today, this seems to be an obvious choice, but in a time when a watch is a male standard and replica watches (or watches that they were called at the time) are left to women, Counterfeit Santos Watches are truly revolutionary.

Cartier teamed up with sports manufacturer Edmund Jagger to produce Santos watches on a large scale. The first mass-produced Replica Cartier Santos watch was launched in 1911. As they say, the rest is history.

Fake Cartier Santos Watch

In order to celebrate the centenary of the watch in 2004, Cartier launched the Santos 100. From rounded square bezels with exposed screws to black Roman numerals and track minute tracks, Santos 100th Anniversary Watch maintains the basic principles of the original design, but with plenty of modern detail.

His and her Cartier Santos 100 watches

In true Cartier fashion, La Maison offers Santos 100 different sized models that allow for a custom fit on any gender wrist. Luxury Cartier has been very good at making and sexy watch designs, and Santos 100 is no exception. Although Santos was originally made as a men’s watch, the elegant lines and timeless design of the watch are not aimed at any gender today.

Among the two steel automatic models, the biggest difference between the large and medium Santos 100 watches is the size of the outer casing. In the case of the Large Cartier Santos 100 movement, the measurement was 41.3 x 51.1 mm, while the medium-sized Cartier Santos 100 measured 35.6 mm x 44.2 mm.

Counterfeit Cartier Santos 100 Watches

The silver-lined dial of the time only is the same as the black oxidized steel sword-shaped pointer in the center. Also, note the secret Cartier Replica Watch signature embedded in the VII tag. The Santos 100 is available in two sizes with a crocodile leather strap and a sturdy and comfortable folding steel buckle; however, the color varies by size. In addition, the exposed screw on the buckle is a nice touch, echoing Santos’ signature screw in its bezel.

The Santos watch not only continued to be part of the Cartier catalog for more than a century after its debut, but it is also one of the best-selling models of the brand. In addition, since it was originally used by Alberto Santos Dumont during flight, Santos can also be considered the first pilot’s watch. In addition, it looks equally good on the wrist of a man or a woman, which proves Santos’ impeccable design. Here to find more and more best watches from the Replica Watches UK boutique.

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