Monday, 20 April 2015

Be the Revolution: Free Wallpapers!

Ahead of Fashion Revolution day on the 24th of this month, I've created some inspo wallpapers to paste all over your devices to raise awareness for this event! #FASHREV raises awareness of unethical fashion practices within today's fashion industry and aims to increase transparency within clothing supply chains. 

"Together we will use the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain."

So here's how you can get involved.... On the 24th take a selfie showing one of your clothing labels that you're wearing that day, tagging that brand on Twitter using the hashtag #whomadeyourclothes. We have the right to know where our clothes are being made and we also have the right to challenge today's current fashion make sure your voice is heard!  To find out about more ways you can get involved head to their website.

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  1. Love these! Great idea - will definitely be getting involved with Fashion Revolution Day - it's so important :)

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise


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