Monday, 21 April 2014

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap by Dr. Organic

Olive Oil has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean to enhance natural beauty, it's properties include: anti-aging, protecting and moisturising the skin. The only routine I've ever used Olive Oil in however is cooking, and so when I received this soap, I was eager to try it out! 

I do cleanse my face when I remove my makeup at the end of the day, but I love the sensation of washing my face with soap afterwards and feeling like I've cleaned my skin properly, however, I do find a lot of soaps dry out my skin, so I've avoided using them on my face. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil soap from Dr. Organic is hands down, the best soap I've come across. It's organic for starters, it smells wonderful and leaves the skin feeling so soft and moisturised. I use it in the morning and at night after I remove my makeup and I can say with absolute certainty that it does an amazing job of nourishing the skin. 

When it comes to my face, I want to use gentle products and organic when I can, so this soap ticks all the boxes and will be of regular use in my beauty routine!

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  1. Great tip, thanks for sharing.

  2. Okay, I'm officially obsessed with your blog Hannah!
    I love everything about it--the design, the posts, the pictures, your lovely signature.. So happy I came across it!
    Your newest follower,
    Hope you're having a lovely Monday!xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  3. This sounds interesting! I've never used any beauty products with olive oil in before.

    Hmm maybe...

  4. ahh i love your blog :)

  5. It's funny how everyone says using soap to clean your face is pretty much a cardinal beauty sin and now we're supposed to use it again?! Confuuuuusing. This does sound really lovely though :(
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  6. Hey girl!
    We tagged you in The 5 Year tag over at :)
    xo T

  7. Wow, this soap sounds intriguing! I've used a few of Dr Organic's products and really liked them, so I'll have to keep a look out for this :)

  8. Rosehip oil is hands down the best thing for my dry skin x

  9. It looks and sounds really good and I haven't heard of the brand before, so thank you very much for the introduction and review! X

  10. I LOVE a good soap. There's nothing like feeling all soft and fresh, and it's really awesome that ths one is natural too. Will have to try...

    Followed on GFC and Bloglovin! Love your blog <3

  11. Oh soap! :) I ve recently become very interested in soap (yeah, very geeky ;) ), and now use it for both face and body. I just try to limit my use to the important body parts :) as it might dry out my skin otherwise. I think there are several (ecological) advantages to soap, like less packaging, less transport (since it contains no water) and biodegradable. Plus, it lasts for ages! So, a plus for the wallet.
    However, I urge to still check the ingredients, even if it is a organic soap, since the packaging does not indicate which ingredients are organic and most soaps contain palm oil, which is not very good if not organic...

    As for the beauty sin, well, I am not a chemist nor a dermatologist, so I cant say it for sure. But I somehow suspect the cosmetics industry to deter us from buying soap as it is so cheap and simple, there is not much money to be made ( I am not the conspiracy type, but I am definitely critical of the industry). However, using soap too liberally and too often may be drying out our skin, but this also applies to any other washing liquid.

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