Thursday, 3 April 2014

Duchy Originals

You know there are times in life when you meet a stranger and engage in a fleeting conversation that leaves you feeling totally inspired and mindful? 
Well, the other day, in the dairy aisle of Waitrose I had one of those exact encounters. I was reaching for my usual tipple of organic milk choice, when I was interrupted by a small French woman (she looked like she could have easily just walked off a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film set) who began educating me *I kid you not* on the homogenisation of milk. 

I'm a big dairy fan and I love milk, so naturally I thought I was making the right choice by just buying organic milk, and although that is much better than regular milk (cows graze on pasture without chemical fertilisers or pesticides) some organic milks and all regular milks go through a homogenisation process which can be really bad for us.

So, homogenisation, let's break it down.... 

It's a chemical process in which the fat globules are broken down into smaller droplets so that they don't separate and float to the top of the jug - this ultimately makes it more convinient as we don't need to shake the milk to break up the cream layer build at the top of the bottle, homogenisation also makes milk look whiter and last for longer. Natural cow's milk (non-homogenised) has fat particles that are too big to go through the intestinal mucosa and bloodstream, therefore our bodies will eliminate them. However, the fat particles in homogenised milk have been processed so that the particles have become small enough to enter our blood streams which leads to undigested fat particles being stored in the arteries, joints and heart.

After hearing this, I swiftly put down my milk and was introduced by lady I met to 'Duchy,' a Waitrose Originals collection of organic produce that doesn't put their products through the homogenisation process woohoo! So I decided to purchased the milk, butter and yogurt (all for just a fraction more of the price of any regular dairy produce I might add) and the quality exceeded my expectations. Available in all Waitrose stores and online, Duchy's range covers meats, dairy, alcohol, bread, biscuits and jams and by choosing to invest that little bit extra in good quality produce, you are not only benefiting the farmers, environment and animals effected in the process, you are also benefiting your own health.

So let's cut out the additives, artificials and pesticides and let's get back to basics... let's choose to eat food that has not been interfered with by man and is exactly how it should be.... NATURAL.

Thank you for reading, do leave your opinions below or tweet me at @dimplesdiaries I'd love to hear what you think about the subject!

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  1. That is cool, we have organics products in France too but its so badly seen you eat Only-organic... Weird hey? Cause its natural!

    Anyway good evening dear,

  2. This is awesome. You never know what each day brings even if it is just new milk! I learned a lot from this post so thank you for sharing!

Emma| With A City Dream

    1. That's great! Thank you for reading Emma :) x

  3. Nice, I think all food should just be natural!

    Jules x

  4. nice post!
    new look on my blog!

  5. I shouldn't eat dairy products at all cos I'm lactose intolerant but I eat it anyway. I had no idea! Usually I just buy organic products and think they are better. Too bag we don't have that brand over here :D

    xx Mira

  6. I don't have dairy but I have heard of dutchy because the prince of wales created it ! Glad you've found something for you natural needs :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  7. I have an obsession with milk. I love drinking it straight, by the pint. That and water is really the only thing I drink! I love buying Duchy milk, it just tastes better.

    This little French lady also sounds like my kind of lady, I basically imagine Amelie guiding you across a street whispering in your ear about the homogenisation of milk!

    Em x

    1. Yes it definitely tastes better! Awww haha yes! That's my favourite part of that film!

  8. You need to look again. Duchy Originals semi skimmed is homogenised now....and I won't be wasting my money on it any longer


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