Friday, 14 February 2014

WWF : Melting Away

Personally I find the subject of climate change hard to engage with. We hear of it, we know it exists, but it seems to be portrayed by the media as a hot topic that is in one day and out the next. As climate change isn't impacting us directly, I fear that it's a problem many assume can be dealt with in the future. But the reality is, when the consequences of our actions do appear on our doorstep, it will be too late.

I often find that when I talk to people about climate change, they want to do something to help, but don't know what it is they should be doing. I've supported the work of the WWF through donation for over a year now and find their website and social networks incredibly useful to find all the information I need. 
So for all of you interested in this subject, I urge you to head over in their direction.
If you want to find out more about climate change and in particular the impact it's having on the Arctic, click HERE, and to find out about how you can make a change, click HERE

The reality is, a huge change needs to happen and it isn't the people in power that can make that change, it's us, the majority. Even the smallest of actions can make a huge change difference, whether that's choosing to cycle to work instead of driving or switching your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. Remember, that it only takes a grain a rice to tip the scales and you mon amie could be that little grain of rice!

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  1. Change is always a good idea no matter what. Love the way you write.

    xo Francesca from Frank Vinyl

  2. Love your posts that address important causes! BUT I would argue that with all the flooding in the UK right now (it's been raining non stop where I live), climate change is impacting us on our doorsteps right now!! All the more reason to be proactive! xx

  3. Great post =)


  4. I take climate change seriously too and try to be as neat and tidy as I can - trying not to overconsume. Great post.


  5. I love this idea. People definitely need a lot more awareness on this subject. I love Aldous Huxley's quote, "I wanted to change the world, but I found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself."

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  6. By the way, I absolutely love your blog, and am now following it! :)

  7. Great subject often not broached in the 'bloggersphere', you articulate your opinions very very xx

  8. Superb t-shirt really comical Lucy

  9. Aw, this is so cute. I linked it to my tree-hugger eco friendly friend. She will LOVE it. Always telling me that leaving my light on is killing polar bears..

    Emma x


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