Saturday, 26 October 2013

Duvet Weekend

shirt:H&M bracelet:CHUPI socks:NEWLOOK

Have you heard the weather warnings for this weekend? After trekking to the shops through gale force winds, I get home, pop the kettle on, put on my favourite Marvin Gaye album and cosy up with a newspaper and my favourite magazine. The Independent warns we could be faced with "some of the worst weather conditions the country has seen since the Great Storm of 1987." 
So cosy socks on everyone, stock up on alcohol and old movies and lets all have a duvet weekend....because after all that is the most sensible thing to do....




  1. Beautiful photos. Love the socks!

  2. Pretty pictures- very lazy winter sunday! As stated previously, please post more. Your pictures are glorious and your have beautiful taste! Good to have you back though Hannah!

    Emma x

  3. love these pictures and couldn't agree more with duvet weekend, especially now the clock's gone back and it's darker out there :(

  4. Love the photos and your bracelet! Really enjoy your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!


  5. Seriously I wish I'd been coseyed up at your house before this storm - nice warm socks, alcohol, a duvet and the telly? You are a girl after my own heart!!


  6. The shirt is amazing! Why have I not seen this?


  7. The details in these pictures are beautiful :) Love this post

  8. Ah duvet days are simply the best! xx

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