Friday, 8 June 2012

Days By The Beach

I'm incredibly lucky to have the seaside right on my doorstep and with the weather being so flippant, whenever the sun peaks through, there's no place I'd rather be than by the sea. The collages above and below are of two trips I made this week, one to walk the dog and one from when I met up with my friend Erika for drinks and a walk. Where are your favourite places to be?



  1. these pictures are gorgeous, how lucky to live near the sea <3 Hoping the weather picks up soon! x

  2. My favorite place to be is trail running in the state park.

  3. I would so love to live near the sea - that's my plan for the future! Lovely pics x

  4. Aww the jubillee decoration is so pretty! I miss UK! Never been to the seaside in England though

  5. Such pretty pictures, you've made me want to hop on a train and go to the seaside now! Why, oh why isn't Leeds nearer the coast?!
    Kaz x

  6. looks like you had great days :)
    love the header of your blog a lot :D


  7. You're so lucky to live right by the beach! xxx

  8. First off, I am now following you as your blog is so cute! I live in the North-East of England and am also very lucky to live near the seaside, it's my favourite place to be in the summer. Nothing better than enjoying a 99 cornet whilst taking a stroll along the beach :)

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  9. I'd love to live by the beach! I went to uni in Devon so it was really handy for nipping to the beach at the weekends. I really miss it on sunny days!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. Ah I'm so jealous you're close to the sea! I miss it so much when I'm not around it!

  11. why yes, yes you are lucky to live by the seaside (^.^)

    i'd love to live near the ocean. it's so beautiful!

    sending you happy spells

  12. I agree, the ocean is definitely one of my favorite places to be!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  13. Oh my goodness are these pictures cute! The beach is definitely high up there on my list; I'm a sucker for beaches, and always have been. I also like fields, with tall grass and flowers and trees every once in a while. Pretty much anything with sun is good with me!

  14. I moved from the North East last year, man I miss the beach!


  15. The beach looks amazing, your very lucky to live by the seaside!
    Love Coco x x x I'm following

  16. the pictures are really beautiful! :)

  17. wonderful images! love your outfit and the pictures!! such a lovely blog!! x


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