Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Whitby Wednesday

I apologise that this isn't an outfit post, but I haven't been too well recently so I haven't had the energy to doll myself up! Today I headed to my favorite place, Whitby. It's a short drive from where I live and it's one of my favorite place's to escape to. I like the drive, it's quiet, classical FM is on the radio, we're driving through rolling moors and winding coastal roads. When we get there we head to our favorite shops, browsing the windows of old sweet shops and jewelers sat on cobbled roads. We then walk along the pier soaking in the cold sea air. After a long walk, our tummies do begin to rumble and we head to our favorite restaurant The Magpie to have their famous fish and chips with a side helping of tartar sauce and cups of tea. 
Have any of you visited Whitby before? Where are your favorite places to be besides home, i'd love you to share below! 
p.s If i'm feeling better I promise an outfit post tomorrow...



  1. Awww it looks so lovely, and obviously the fish and chips looks brill! I don't really have anywhere like this near to my home, I wish I did as day trips to different high streets and shopping centres can get very boring!

  2. Fish & chips! Yummy!!!!^^
    That place looks so cute, a perfect combination! ;)

  3. Looks so quaint and cozy! I love England. And the food looks amazing.

  4. Wonderful post! Everything looks amazing :)xx

  5. looks lovely! i'm looking to head there for a day trip sometime soon :) xx

  6. i've never been, but as i love both the freezing-as-hell english seaside and yorkshire in general maybe it should be on my roadtrip list! i'm really enjoying your blog xx

  7. I live pretty close to Whitby too!! We often go to walk the dog there in winter!! Have you ever been to Trenchers?? That does amazing fish and chips too, and has amazing bathrooms haha!! =D I love the tacky little shops too, and the cobbled streets =)

  8. Aww, i went to Whitby over the bank holiday a the other week. It's about an hour - hour and a half drive from where i live, but it's the most gorgeous little seaside town. :) The only thing that put a bit of a downer on it was that everybody, and i mean everybody was there so you couldn't get moved or enjoy the town to it's full potential. :) I'd definitely go back though, especially when the weather was as nice as it was when i went.

    Love your blog design, very similar to mine. (We have good taste) ;)


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