Friday, 18 November 2011

Checks, Ladders and Lace

I haven't been blogging much due to health complications but I hope to be doing so more often, I have been neglecting my blog! I hope you're all well, this outfit a dressed up version of an outfit I did a while back with this jacket. I purchased it from a vintage shop for £3.99 and i love its versatility (as well as the mini cape at the back... for those times you feel like being a flying squirrel) I teamed it with a New Look body-con skirt, vintage belt, black tights and black wedges from Matalan. 
Since purchasing that glitter nail varnish last week I've been making every opportunity to paste it on anything I find, every colour I have had this week has had glitter on top...I couldn't resist releasing my inner glamourous... or tackiness...
I hope you've all had a good week, I shall be posting some photographs up soon from my photography course at college... for a post thats a little different to the norm!
Hannah x

 Just noticed the hole in my tights woops



  1. Love your outfit! You have great style :) xxx

  2. I really love the little cape at the back it's really cute and original and I want to thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog it's really nice of you and you look lovely . I really Love your blog and your style ! xoxoxoxo

  3. Love the jacket & your shoes Xx

  4. cute outfit, love love love your wedges!


  5. Lovely outfit, love the boots and the belt. Nail polish is amazing, can't resist a bit of sparkle!


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