Friday, 11 November 2011

Birds pearls and itchy jumpers

  Gosh you wouldn't believe the week I've had... difficult to say the least, everything seemed to be going wrong it was one thing after another! So yesterday I met up with my best friend and spent a few hours browsing local charity shops and gossiping in costa coffee to cheer myself up.
The jumper is new, I bought that yesterday from a vintage shop for £6.99, the shirt which is vintage Aquascutum was £2.99, black skinny jeans £10 from Primark and the little birdie necklace was Primark too I think I bought that for a pound. The black drawstring leather bag is vintage and I managed to get that yesterday for £4.99... absolute bargain and I adore it!
I also picked up two shirts and an oversized jersey jumper yesterday, but I'll save them for another post!

 I do hope everyones had a joyous week and enjoys there weekend!
Hannah x


  1. Ohh! Im so sorry about your bad week O_O hope you feel better now!

    The jumper is lovely, itchy though it is! O_O I always come out in awful rashes when i wear jumpers that are too itchy! Very attractive! xx

  2. I really really love this look! I am sorry you had a bad week, but hey! At least you had some lovely findings!

  3. Thanks girls for the comments! :) x

  4. Love this outfit. The oversized knit and collar work so well!
    Thank you for your kind comment :)



  5. A great blog!! I follow u right now!
    xoxo New York Corner


  6. Itchi jumpers!! Thats totally true... I have so many of those... I have to wear turtlenecks underneath If I want to survive ;D

  7. i adore your jumper, plus the little drawstring bag is lovely. such bargains, too! xx

  8. Just love your blog! I'm a new follower xxx

  9. Wonderful vintage finds, this is a gorgeous outfit! will be following :)

  10. sweet post - love that cosy jumper! xoxo

  11. this is a gorgeous outfit miss dimples! you should wear it more often
    much love


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