Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Winter Warmers

The time has swiftly arrived and I found myself moving all of my summer clothes away into storage boxes and replenishing my wardrobe with winter stock both old and new... truth be told it doesn't depress me too much winter is most definitely my favorite time of year! 

This mustard cardigan was purchased last winter for £5 at my local vintage shop, I bought it not being 100% in love with it, but I have grown to love it and I'm so glad I did get it- I like to wear this with black skinny jeans, ballet pumps, a white T-shirt and oversized clutch. 

This tartan cardigan last week for £2 in a local charity shop. It's so cozy and despite its garish print I would wear it everyday if I could. I pair this with black skinny jeans, ankle boots and a plan t-shirt... or just with joggers when I feel like cozily hibernating at home!

I bought this about a year ago from a vintage shop, I think I payed around the region of £4 for it, the cardigan is short and 3/4 so not ideal when its baltic outside, but its sweet over a dress or with jeans.

This jumper is from Primark, I'm actually wearing it as I type this post, I payed £6 for it, about two years ago and it has served me relatively well over the years!

P.S sorry about the terrible camera quality, I had to use my phone as my camera has been playing up!




  1. Very jealous of all your gorgeous bargains! xx

  2. gorgeous knits, i love the black and white stripey one
    by the way, i chose you as one of my favourite up and coming blogs this week and awarded a 'blog award' to you :)!

  3. @Cara - oh I'm sure there's plenty hiding away like the ones above!
    @LucyBoots- Thank you so much, means a lot!! x

  4. Loveley finds :) I'm a tad jealous.


  5. Your mustard cardigan is beautiful, I can never find bargains! Wonderful blog. :-)

  6. @Beth- Thank you, a great bargain!

  7. Oh my goodness the first one is adorable!

  8. Love them! Your finds are stunning. Wish I had such luck at second hand stores haha
    Thank you visiting and following, I'm following your lovely blog too :)
    I will post more photos soon!



  9. Such beautiful finds!
    Your blog is lovely,




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