Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The littles and the Delicates

I've never been an avid jewelry collector, but I must say I take pride in the little gems in my jewelry box. I spoke of the shopping trip I took to a vintage shop which astounded me with beautiful things, needless to say I came back with a few of them... The domino ring and scrabble ring caught my attention and I just couldn't leave them so adorable and sweet. The brooch (2nd image) was my favorite of them all, ridiculously    bargain-ous, the hat shape and design is something I've never seen before... and perhaps in another life if may have been a tea leaf strainer for mice.

(L-R) £3- Vintage Vogue, £4- Miss Selfridge, £3- Vintage Vogue, £2.50-Topshop

Brooch £3 from Vintage Vogue

Headband £1 from Vintage Vogue

Bird necklace £1.50 from Primark

There was one other accessory I bought at the vintage shop too... but I'll leave that to suprise you all in another blog post, you will not believe what it is and the price I got it for!
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