Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Urghhh it's baltic in England today! Well... not baltic... but certainly Autumnal rather than summery! I regrettably say that I was wearing tights and my granny cardigan... yes, I have given up all hope for the weather and I declared the beginning of Autumn today. 
The cardigan is from the George clothing line of ASDA, I think I picked it up from the sale for £8, it's chunky and very cosy... The leopard print dress is from RARE @ TOPSHOP and that was £20.
I spent today browsing around Hobby Craft (the most ridiculously overpriced shop in the world) then headed to Marks and Spencer's to pick up some Champers as I'm spending the night in having a movie night with my bestie. Two more days till the weekend woohoo!


  1. i love ur whole outfit, and your necklace where did u get it? it's so beutiful, i think i want one :p

  2. Thank you! I got it from H&M quite a while back now though... they may still stock it you never know!


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