Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Little Luxuries in Life

Today my best friend and I went for a charity raid shopping expedition. With a few pounds in our purse we headed straight to the back of our local charity shop and spent our time dressing up and trawling through vintage jewels. I purchased a red and blue paisley cotton scarf and a poppy print maxi skirt costing me a total of eight pound fifty! I do love a bargain!

So today I also received a tripod in the post. I've been living without one and doing the best I could to improvise... but it was getting ridiculous without one... 
                OLD                                 NEW
I definitely will be blogging and posting outfits a lot more now I have my tripod because now
 I have no excuse !

P.S the knitted headband I was talking about yesterday will be finished by tonight, so I may do a video tutorial on how I made it tomorrow... despite how I hate the sound of my own voice !


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