Monday, 8 August 2011

Lazy Sunday

It did not stop raining yesterday, I couldn't possibly make any plans so I decided it would bode well to stay indoors and get creative. Knitting is a great past time and financially efficient when you don't have a great deal of moola! So even though it is August in England, the weather is terrible and I'm starting to make my winter accessories for this year. Yesterday I started on a knitted headband with a cup of tea and Laura Marling playing in the background... I'm doing it in quite a neutral colour with wool that is gorgeously soft! I should finish it within a few days so I will put up a pattern an finished photographs asap! I love making and mending, I am a super scrimper and saver, it's not just cheaper to make your own things but it's also so much fun. 
Here are a couple of my favorite blogs & websites I regularly visit and take inspiration from:

My friend bought my this for my birthday last year. When I was in primary school I had a fairy tin lunchbox that I got for christmas, I loved it so much but I did get bullied for it and boy in my class through it on the floor and jumped on it completely crushing it... I was nearly in tears it's probably one of the most horrific memories I have of school days ha! But my lovely friend bought me this, now I have a pretty lunchbox (which I store my wool in and use for picnics!).
Cath Kidston Wooden Knitting Needles- These are amazing to knit with and also very pretty!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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