Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fun With Instagram

I've just recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone and the first app I downloaded was 'Instagram', I already have an iPod touch so I know all about the apps that we're out there and the ones I couldn't have! This was an app I had wanted to use for ages and I've been playing with it ever since my phone was delivered yesterday! First photograph is of my little dog belle, she's the best thing on the planet to me, second photograph is of a sheet of music in a silver frame, I thrifted this from a charity shop the other day for £1.25!
And last is a photograph of looming clouds coming over my housing estate... nothing unusual there!



  1. completely love this post Hannah, your dog is adorable and the image of the musical notes is magical!
    miss ya

  2. Thank you lovely :)
    miss you too I bet the next time we see each other is in college :o...I hope we have similar timetables!


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