Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Charity Expedition!

I had to completely neglect my blog last week, I did a placement working 9 till 5 and by the time I was home all I could do was eat and sleep! So todays post is on a little shopping trip I had this afternoon with my friends Erika and Lisa (of Wondering Wolves). I spent up all of my money in the first charity shop I went in... but oh it was worth it, the best item if vintage clothing I have bought ALL year!

I bought this Jaeger tweed blazer for £12.99... I know a ridiculously bargainous buy! I've seen it twice within the space of 2 weeks but each time I saw it I'd already spent most of my money, I was shocked to see it today because I can't believe it hadn't been bought by anyone... fate was definitely on my side!

We headed on to a coffee shop, had some drinks and a natter then onto another great charity shop (sadly only to browse and not buy!)

Me gusta expresso's.

I also managed to squeeze in a purchase of a William Shakespeare collection of romantic plays for £1.50, a great book to delve into every now and again!
Hope everyones day was as lovely as mine!



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