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Monday, 18 May 2015

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Voluminous Hair Tutorial

Hey guys! I'm back on YouTube and will be uploading a lot more often now that University is over!! Expect some exciting videos coming up in the next few months including outfit videos, beauty tutorials, holiday vlogs and more! You can watch my latest video below, I'd love to know what you guys think of it and if you enjoy please subscribe! Also if you are on YouTube too comment your channel link below!


Friday, 15 May 2015

D.I.Y Inspiration: Embroidery Hoop

Hey guys! Throwing a bit of inspo your way today, now that I've finished Uni I have a little bit more time to spare doing things I love, including GETTING CREATIVE! Something on my to do list was to make an embroidery hoop for myself, I've made these as gifts before but never actually made one to hang in my home! 

They're so easy and  cost effective to make, I simply put together some words and shapes in Photoshop to the size I wanted and then lightly traced over them onto some white fabric with a pencil, then using a needle and some embroidery thread, began stitching! Easy peasy! It takes a few hours and is very therapeutic, I love crafts that you can pick up whenever you have a spare moment and embroidering is perfect for that!


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Monday, 4 May 2015

The Perfect Dressing Gown: Tara Starlet

Kimono: Tara Starlet // Lingerie: Ann Summers (old)

If you're no stranger to this blog, you'll know I'm no stranger to all things vintage. Retro hair, clothing and makeup....I'm obsessed with it all and have been since I was young. So when I happened to stumble across the brand Tara Starlet the other month....I was as giddy as a kipper. Tara Starlet create clothing, lingerie and nightwear all made in Britain and stay true to vintage cuts and shapes but update them with the most delectable colours and bold prints. When I saw this kimono number in the sale I had to get it and I'm really glad I did, it's so soft and feminine and I love the colour. I love the romance of slipping into sultry nightwear....it might not keep me warm....but it keeps me looking bad ass...and a girl's gotta have her priorities in order.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Instagram Roundup: April

Wow I can't believe it's May already! Where is this year going?! This is an exciting month for me because I'll finally be finishing University...I'm literally counting down the days! Anyone else finishing their studies this month?

You can find my Instagram here - leave your links below!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bespoke Accessories: Cooper and Hill

Richmond Purse £59.00 by Cooper & Hill *

Recently I got the chance to be part of a focus group for a newly launched brand called Cooper and Hill. Cooper and Hill offer bespoke and made to order accessories all made in Britain. The purse seen above was the result of their #crowddesign in which we all contributed to the design of the perfect purse.....and it certainly is that! The Richmond Purse fits my money, iPhone and a lippy so can be used as a clutch bag too which I love. So reasons to fall in love with their designs; firstly they are stunningly chic, secondly their prices are more than reasonable for the quality you are getting and lastly the leather used is a byproduct of the meat industry.

I haven't come across a brand like this before in the sense that the customer is fully involved with the process from design to finish. Could this be the future of fashion design? Would you like the chance to be more involved with the products you purchase? Let me know below!

In the meantime do head over to their website here and show them some love!

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Be the Revolution: Free Wallpapers!

Ahead of Fashion Revolution day on the 24th of this month, I've created some inspo wallpapers to paste all over your devices to raise awareness for this event! #FASHREV raises awareness of unethical fashion practices within today's fashion industry and aims to increase transparency within clothing supply chains. 

"Together we will use the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain."

So here's how you can get involved.... On the 24th take a selfie showing one of your clothing labels that you're wearing that day, tagging that brand on Twitter using the hashtag #whomadeyourclothes. We have the right to know where our clothes are being made and we also have the right to challenge today's current fashion model...so make sure your voice is heard!  To find out about more ways you can get involved head to their website.

p.s don't forget to share!

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